BKL Makine


What is the energy source for ovens?

As BKL Makine, we produce both electric heated and natural gas heated ovens.

Which energy source is more economic?

Natural gas heating is more economic than electric heating for many countries including Turkey. Cost differences are based on local energy prices and the size of the ovens. Electric heating is a more economic choice for oven sizes equal to and smaller than 1 cubic meter.

What are the capacities of production lines and machines?

We design the capacities of our production lines and machines according to our customers’ needs.

Which reference values are taken under consideration determining the oven capacities?

Hourly capacities of pan and pot coating lines are calculated based on 240 mm wide products. Capacities for enamel ovens are based on the weight of the products which are going to be heated in one hour. The hanger of the coated materials and the baskets of the products are included in the weight calculations.

What are the differences between sandblasting machines with a rotating table and tunnel type?

For circular products such as pans and pots, sandblasting machines with a rotating table are suggested. For curnered products, such as oven trays, we suggest tunnel type sandblasting machines.

What abrasive materials could be used in the sandblasting machines?

We suggest aluminum oxide abrasives for aluminum and stainless steel products such as pans and pots. Abrasive particle size should be determined based on the surface hardness of the sandblasted material. We suggest 54-60 mesh for sheet aluminum and 36-40 mesh for cast aluminum.

Why only hot water is used in the first wash of the degreasing tunnels?

Hot water is capable of cleaning most of the grease and dirt from the surface. Hot water used in the first step is effective in reducing the chemical usage, while elongating the effect of the detergent wash.

Why is distilled water used in the final wash of the washing tunnels?

Distilled water is used in order to clean the salt and residues that city water may contain. City water is used in the previous stages of the degreasing process.